AMEB Exams (Australian Music Examinations Board)

Why do an exam?

Setting goals

Having a clearly defined goal can be a powerful motivating force. AMEB syllabuses set educationally appropriate goals, and examinations are an opportunity for students to measure themselves against these goals. Performing in front of others also helps to develop poise and confidence.

Progress through feedback

Each candidate who completes an AMEB exam receives a personal written report from their examiner. This independent feedback encourages the student to progress by highlighting areas of strength and weakness under performance conditions to help guide students in their development.

Recognising achievement

Each successful AMEB candidate receives an official certificate recognising their achievement. An AMEB certificate is a tangible reminder of a milestone achieved and a source of great pride. (2018). AMEB | Practical exams. [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Apr. 2018].

Student Results from AMEB

Cello Grade 1 AMEB - High Distinction (A+)

List A: "Fluently performed at a good tempo. Tone was overall clearly projected and dynamics were nicely contrasted. Clear articulations for the fortes. Rhythm and intonation secure."

List B:  "Confident opening and again excellent tempo conveying the bright and energetic dance character. Lovely dynamics to secure rhythm and intonation."

List C: "Double stops clearly and evenly projected. An enjoyable performance with good attention to detail."

Overall comment: "Your work demonstrated excellent preparation in all sections for today. You are a musical boy with potential. Keep up the lovely work."

Cello Grade 2 AMEB - Honours (A)

List A: "Fast strokes and string crossings were controlled and pitch was accurate."

List B: "This was a stylish and stately minuet with a warm tone displayed, due to a loose vibrato. Just lovely!"

List C: "Fast notes were performed accurately and the dance style was conveyed clearly in the bowing style. Well played!

Overall comment: "Your tone is strongly projected and vibrato is providing resonance and warmth. A promising player!"

Cello Grade 3 AMEB - Honours (A)

Technical work: This section was well prepared and performed.

List A: This was an enjoyable and generally accurate performance.
List B: The waltz rhythm was well conveyed, with some nice variety of articulation. 
List C: This was played at a bright tempo with good rhythmic drive.

Overall comments: The performance was enjoyable generally. You have good developing technique and music skills.

Piano Grade 4 AMEB Classical - Honours (A)

List A: Good choice of tempo which was well maintained. The playing had good sense of rhythmic drive with well judged balance between the hands.

List B: Theme and Variations were played with good continuity. 

List C: This list was played with rhythmic energy and good direction, and expressed the character.

Overall comments: Scales were prompt and fluent. Your pieces were well prepared, confident and fluent. Well done!

Piano Grade 5 AMEB Classical - Honours (A)

List A: Showed rhythmic continuity and was well contrasted with dynamics.

List B: Well judged tempo for a waltz. Tonal balance in chords were well controlled. There was a nice contrast of moods int he different sections.

List C: The character of the music was well expressed with Spanish flavour evident. Cleanly executed on the whole and tonal levels were contrasted.

List D: A nice feeling for the style. A confident performance wiht a sense of musical flair.

Overall comments: Technical work was convincing on the whole. Lists have been prepared with awareness of the different styles and were performed confidently. Well done.

Piano Grade 6 AMEB Classical - Honours (A)

List A: A musical performance in which the melodic line was expressive. Pleasing balance between the hands; the work flowed well.

List B: Pleasing contrasts in dynamic colour were appropriate and enhanced this assured performance. The style was nicely understood.

List C: There was a sincere communication of the musical content and an appreciation of the 'exotic' content.

List D: Choice of tempo was good and there was an appreciation for rhythmic flow. The performance had ease and a sense of relaxation which communicated the appropriated mood.

Overall comment: Your playing was often assured with a nice sense of style, try to work on appreciating the importance of a sensitive approach to softer hands. 

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